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Ravi Kumar Greetings pals. By the time we reflect upon the bygone year 2012 and think about what we’re going to do over the 12 months ahead, the new financial year 2013-14 has arrived. Again, a busy time to all of us professionally, taking stock of 2012-13 and explore where we want the new year to take us!

Here is the REEDS chronicle -

SKILLS2013 Conference Our pursuit with President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee’s office to secure the dates to inaugurate SKILLS2013 Conference is continuing. The ‘hold-on’ status of the conference is certainly embarrassing, but considering the momentous attention President Mukherjee’s presence would lend to our Skills Development advocacy, we persist with our efforts in obtaining His Excellency’s dates with sufficient lead-time. We are sure that you understand and appreciate the considerations behind the decision. We count on your continued active involvement.

Missing a wise counsel: Prof. PV Indiresan unexpected demise on 24 February 2013 was a terrible shock to me personally and to all those who are closely associated with REEDS and its Skills Development initiative. An eternal optimist with amazing energies and a rural development passionate, he has been an inspiration to me in many ways. He was responsible in connecting Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India to our SKILLS2010 conference. We had the privilege to have Professor Indiresan’s presentation titled ‘Training for Employment’ and also the inspirational valedictory address at SKILLS2010 Conference. While we were looking forward to his active participation in the ensuing SKILLS2013, destiny had something else in store. Without doubt we will sorely miss his presence and wise counsel but will forever remain an inspiring figure for everyone here. Our sincere tributes to the inspiring visionary.


SKILLS2013 Conference Prof.Indiresan with REEDS team at SKILLS 2010 International Conference – 18.12.2010

Another year of contentment: For REEDS, 2012-13 has been a year of learning, strengthening and, as always, continuing to focus on the needs of the rural communities towards improving the quality of their lives. Of course, challenges were also plentiful! We would be happy to share the details of our activities with you soon through our Annual Report. While we have cause to be satisfied of the progress we have made, we also see a long road before us.

We are thankful to everyone associated with REEDS on various small and big successes of the past year. Looking for your continued support and encouragement which always give us a reason to believe that change in building a productive and inclusive rural India is possible.

With best regards,

Ravi K Reddy
13 April, 2013


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