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Welcome to latest REEDS update

Ravi Kumar It is as usual a pleasure welcoming you all to REEDS UPDATE. Season's greetings from REEDS and me! At the outset, Conference committees and I extend our warmest welcome to all of you take part in SKILLS2013 International Conference being held at Hyderabad on 12 -14 December, 2013.

With SKILLS2013 conference is just 2 weeks to go, I take this opportunity to provide you with a quick update on the event. With support from many quarters, conference preparations are progressing to meet the best expectations.

skills2013logoSKILLS2013 is the second of the series of conferences on Life Skills and Livelihood Skills addressing the important and need of the hour issue of Life and Livelihood skills, and the Challenges for International Cooperation. The first one was SKILLS2010 that focused on Challenges for Institutional Development, held on December 18-20, 2010 at Hyderabad.

SKILLS2010 was fortunate to receive participation from a galaxy of distinguished personalities and contributions from key national and international organizations, culminating in an inaugural and inspirational address by the former President of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, paving way for the emergence of a conference series.

SKILLS2013 too have a great privilege of getting recognition from The President of India, Sri Pranab Mukherjee, who has shown interest in it when we first brought to his notice back in December 2012. Given his busy schedule, though he is unavailable to address SKILLS2013, the recognition and his well wishes form a great identification and great source of encouragement to the endeavor.

Steering Committee SKILLS2013
hajela ravi sadananda
SK Hajela Ravi K Reddy R Sadananda

A three member Conference Steering Committee is coordinating the organization of SKILLS2013 conference.

An advisory committee representing 13 countries drawn internationally supports SKILLS2013. Directorate General of Employment & Training, Government of India, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of Andhra Pradesh and number of other national and international organizations are associated with the event. These include American Sentinel University, Amrita University, Commissionerate of Rural Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Federation of Indian Micro & Small and Medium Enterprises, National Academy of Construction, National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, National Skills Development Corporation, Rajiv Education and Employment Mission in Andhra Pradesh (REEMAP) and several renowned organizations from 5 countries.

The three day event would be addressing several dimensions of skill development which include policy related, technology driven and organizational issues with a focus on international cooperation. The conference program is configured with over 25 distinguished personalities representing 5 countries representing Policy, Industry and Profession to share their knowledge and perspectives at the conference. SKILLS

While it is a pleasure to have your presence at the conference, I also request you to make the event known among those in your network whom you consider would be interested in the initiative. We highly value and appreciate your cooperation and sponsorship support in an appropriate manner as this being a not-for-profit initiative and the effort pertains to crucial cause of skills enhancement. The conference website www.skills2013.org provides you more details of the conference. REEDS and SKILLS2013 team look forward to see you at the conference.

With best regards,

Ravi K Reddy
25 November, 2013


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