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Greetings and welcome to REEDS latest update. This year we celebrate our 25th Anniversary! REEDS was formed in 1989 as a registered Society to promote rural leadership and development. Since then, REEDS has accomplished much that it set out to do, in enhancing the rural communities' quality of life.
We credit this attainment to the collective experience, wisdom and support of multiple agencies, organizations, and private citizens who had belief in our efforts. We certainly have a cause to be satisfied with our 25 years progress, yet we are conscious that there is a long road before us.
To share on our just concluded year operations, it was not really exultant. We had to witness several challenges in our operating environment. The long-drawn agitations for and against separation of Andhra Pradesh brought governance to a standstill had a deeper impact on REEDS operations. Nevertheless, we are confident with continuing support from many quarters; with the new strategies and new governments are stably in place, we will stride forward in realizing our rural livelihoods enhancing reflective in the current year and ahead. Our latest Annual Report (available on REEDS website) throw light upon our past year operations.
However, there have been exciting developments in our skills development mission.
The productive and dynamic interactions at in the series of Skill conferences - SKILLS2010 and SKILLS2013 hosted by REEDS and LSLSI [Life Skills and Livelihood Skills - International (LSLSI) was established by REEDS as a special purpose entity to exclusively focus on the Skills Development intervention] added value to our engagement nationally and internationally. In addition to raising the profile of skill development in India, the conferences reflections and post conference follow-up deliberations added significantly in defining the operational strategy of LSLSI for developing action oriented approach for the creation of the skilled human resource for societal transformation through employable and entrepreneurship skills.
Dr. S. Venku Reddy, Chairman-SVFD, Dr. Daniel Gustafson, Deputy Director General (Operations) FAO, Rome and Mr. Ravi K Reddy, Secretary-REEDS at the inauguration of SVFD – 20.03.2014


Notable post conference cognitions include 'Promoting Agriprenuerhsip and skills in rural areas through convergence of development programs'. The objective of this intervention is to build a comprehensive skills delivery mechanism in rural areas woven around agriculture sector for productive engagement vis-à-vis to gain diversifying income opportunities in non-farm activities through employment, self-employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. This intervention is jointly piloted by LSLSI and Sarvareddy Venkureddy Foundation for Development This intervention is jointly piloted by LSLSI and Sarvareddy Venkureddy Foundation for Development (SVFD), a rural and agriculture development Foundation promoted by Dr. S. Venku Reddy an internationally renowned Agricultural Extension Specialist.
We find it as a great honour and privilege to have for the initiative, the valuable counsel of two distinguished experts in the area - Mr. Suresh Kumar, IAS, Chairman-Working Group on Agriculture Extension for 12th Plan and Dr VV Sadamate, Agricultural Convergence Expert, Ministry of Rural Development - World Bank Neeranchal Project & Former Advisor (Agriculture), Government of India. Further emboldening factor is the support from two prominent agencies to the enterprise - National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme), an organization of Ministry of MSME, Government of Indian and National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE), an organization of Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.


Follow-up meetings on Agripreneurship Development through major governmental schemes and linking to pilot interventions at nimsme – 19 April 2014 and at MANAGE – 14 July 2014
With all these key alliances in place, we envision evolving a 'proof-of-concept' operational model soon for the improved quality of life in rural areas through employable and entrepreneurship skills. After all, 833 million of the India's 1.21 billion population, lives in villages and for India rural development is a national necessity to develop nation as whole!
During my recent occupation as 'Resident Executive Scholar' at American Sentinel University (ASU) at Denver, Colorado I have had the privilege and honor of working with another prominent personality – Dr. Richard W Oliver.
Dr. Oliver is the founder & CEO of the ASU, a leading online university with a focus on health care education. Dr. Oliver has been a Professor of Management at the Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University and recipient of Outstanding Professor Award and the Dean's Teaching Award. Dr. Oliver has consulted for a number of companies and served on the boards of several US public companies and not-for-profits.
Dr. Richard Oliver, CEO, ASU discussing LSLSI operational Strategy - 07.07.2014


Dr. Oliver is on the Board of LSLSI and firmly believes that "India has the unique opportunity to empower a billion citizens and make them economically active". If it does, he opines, "it will become the world's new storehouse of intellectual human capital". During my stay at ASU, thanks to Dr. Oliver and his senior management team, we have had a wonderful exchange of thoughts and ideas leading to excellent roadmap in our skills development engagement and those deliberations added significantly to refine the approach and operations of LSLSI.
With these progressions, current and ongoing alliances providing strong foundation to the work of LSLSI, we are confident that we will be able to unveil a well placed operational strategy soon to make a difference in the Indian rural landscape.
Looking forward for your enhanced participation with our effort, my best regards,


Ravi K Reddy
26 July 2014
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