As always, it is a pleasure to provide you with an update of our rural empowerment efforts.
The year 2014-15 has been satisfying to REEDS, though challenges have been many. With the new governments in place both at state and central levels, and governances started stabilizing and we too were able to start consolidating our operations, though it was almost like a new beginning. However, the fact that all our activities during the year irrespective of their size and reach have had a bearing on enhancing the quality of life of rural communities provides us a reason for fulfillment!
Our international engagement has been one of the most enthusing fortuity during the year that would reinforce our rural empowerment effort. We could forge alliances with prominent American and Australian agencies in evolving a Sanitation and Hygiene Education initiative towards realizing Clean India.
Important propulsion during the year is a partnership with UNICEF to implement a unique and probably first of its kind intervention – WASH Resource Centre [WRC] aimed to strengthen Clean India initiative. The project is to ‘facilitate easy and widespread participation of the beneficiaries under Clean India Initiative at the focused geographical area to register their requirement for Household Toilet – through a Telephone based Helpline Centre (with missed call access). In an environment where half the population posses mobile phones but only around a third of the population have access to proper sanitation; and particularly where the rural populations finds it difficult to access government authorities, WRC is considered as an effective approach to mobilize beneficiaries in realizing Clean India Initiative targets.
WRC was formally launched on 27 April 2015 by Dr. K Siva Prasad Rao, Hon’ble Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly.
Continuing our espousal of global advocacy aimed at developing the skill levels for ensuring sustainable rural economies, we along with our associate, LSLSI are now jointly hosting SKILLS2015 International Conference. SKILLS2015 is aimed to provide impetus to the ongoing Clean India (Swacchh Bharat) Campaign.
We are privileged to secure several eminent national and international associations support to the event and buoyant with the gaining prominence to the conference. We seek your support in making known the conference among your valuable networks and make them take part in an appropriate manner apart your own support and participation.
On a personal note, though not completely detached from REEDS, I am well-pleased to share the news that American Sentinel University, Denver, USA has decided to award me with an Honorary Doctor of Letters Degree to be conferred on 19 June 2015. I am most privileged in receiving such an honor so kindly bestowed upon me and owe this honor to the continued support and well wishes from many quarters.
We continue to count on your valuable support in realizing our efforts towards an inclusive and sustainable social and economic rural empowerment.
With warm regards,
Ravi K Reddy
June 3, 2015
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