Safe Drinking Water

Clean water is a basic right worldwide. More than a billion people lack access to clean water, and four out of every five live in the rural areas of the developing world. Water-related dieses cause millions of fatalities every year – some 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals envisage, by the year 2015, to halve the population of people who are unable to reach or to offered safe drinking water and who lack basic sanitation.

REEDS, while addressing the issue, have introduced a low-cost and easy-to-maintain ‘Multi-stage Micro Water Filtration System’ – MWF, evaluated by relevant agencies as suitable for its effectiveness, efficiency, adaptability, and consumer acceptance for sustainable safe drinking water supplies in rural communities. REEDS has established MWF plants in over 80 locations in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Karnataka and the combined capacity is about 50 million liters safe drinking water treatment per day. These projects cover over 6 lakh rural population.

Design and introduction of state-of-art Mobile Unit [MU] is the pioneering effort by REEDS in addressing the safe drinking water needs during calamities and also to meet drinking water needs of remote rural communities.

  • 10,000 rural people located in 14 habitations are able to access to safe drinking water regularly through our MUs under operation at Kaikalur, Andhra Pradesh and Balangir, Orissa.
  • 6 MUs placed were proved handy to Khammam District Administration during recent Godavari flood calamity management in ensuring safe drinking water supplies to the victims and few remote habitations during non-calamity period.
  • MU that was placed from 14 - 31 October 2009, at Sunkesula Region of Kurnool District, the worst affected area during the recent flood havoc in September 2009, has taken care of safe drinking water needs to about 14000 people in the affected habitations with supplies of about 40000 liters per day for those 2 critical weeks of post calamity.
  • Responding to the drinking water crisis following heavy rains and floods, REEDS deployed its Mobile Water Treatment Units in Attili Region of West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh for over a month during August/September 2010 for taking care of safe drinking water needs to about 3000 people in the affected habitations.
  • REEDS deployed one of its Mobile Water Treatment Units [MU] at Basara, where an ancient temple dedicated to Saraswathi - Goddess of learning, is located, at Adilabad District of Andhra Pradesh. The mobile unit helping in taking care of safe drinking water needs of pilgrims numbering over 10,000 during festive times since September 2011.

Dream coming true: REEDS had successfully customized a gravitation oriented drinking water treatment system based on multi-staged micro water filtration technology and installed at a tiny hilly habitation located at an altitude of 1450 MSL with 500 population that too without any access to power – Lingaput in Vishakapatnam District of Andhra Prdesh. It was a moment of our dream coming true in making safe drinking water access to the remote rural population.