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REEDS is a voluntary not-for-profit organization, established in 1989 as a Society. With multi-state operations, REEDS is actively engaged in promoting the quality of life of rural communities and involved in implementing programs relating to various spheres of rural life. With the objective of ensuring improved quality of life for the rural population, REEDS – a Not-for-Profit organization located in Andhra Pradesh, India, over the years, is involved in formulating and implementing programs relating to various spheres of rural life through direct interventions. REEDS Action Programs include:.

REEDS has developed and introduced a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain micro-water filtration (MWF) system for those who rely on surface water for their drinking needs. REEDS instals MWF at the behest of the state’s water supply and sanitation agency, which, in turn, after a year’s operation, hands over the system to the gram panchayat. The organisation has installed plants in over 90 locations in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Karnataka, providing about 70 million litres of treated safe drinking water a day to six lakh villagers. It has also introduced the Mobile Water Treatment Unit (MU) to meet the needs of remote rural communities.

REEDS is committed to contributing to the socio-economic progress of rural landscapes with interventions targeted towards sustainability and inclusive growth. This document provides an overview of REEDS proven capabilities in the sphere of rural development.

At REEDS, we have continued our efforts in various initiatives on Drinking Water and Sanitation. In particular, I would like to mention our verification of ODF status of more than 280,000 households for the Swachh Bharat Mission in the State of Andhra Pradesh. Delivering expertise in time is in itself an art and I am glad to note that REEDS is one of the foremost NGOs in the country in this area. Our ability to monitor Rural development programs continues to receive laudable attention from the Government of India..

REEDS is also building on its successful conference piloted by it in Chirala during November 2018. The platform of alliances built in the conference both nationally and internationally will form the basis of the development of handloom weavers in a Cluster Development Program. The development of the cluster is unique in many ways. Every effort will be made to link the weaver as a brand to the customer directly using ecommerce and social media. Simultaneously, there is space built in the program to document, research and develop the traditional and very innovative knowledge practices in handloom industry. This has not been attempted before and promises to be a very valuable contribution to the rural communities which REEDS is always committed to serve.

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