Modular Employable Skills

MES allows skills up gradation/formation in a flexible manner and reorganize prior learning so as to improve their employability particularly for early school leavers and existing workers, especially working in the unorganized sector.

This skill is assessed by a designated Assessing Body. NCVT issues certificate of skills acquired through informal means/competence assessed.


  • Persons not less than 14 years are eligible for MES Competency Assessment. There is no upper age limit.
  • The persons who have been trained at the registered VTPs and the persons those seeking certification of their skills acquired informally are eligible for MES Competency Assessment.

Assessment Fees

Following is the DGE&T approved Assessment Fee:

1 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 800
2 Automotive Repair 500/800*
3 Banking & Accounting 500

*Depending on Course.

The candidate shall deposit the assessment fee directly to the ABs/VTPs. The assessment fee once paid is neither refundable nor can it be adjusted against other candidates.

Payment to be made by Account Payee Cheque, Pay Order or Demand Draft favoring concerned VTP or REEDS MES Assessment Division as the case may be.

Applying for the Assessment

  • Duly filled in and signed Application Form with requisite application fee and requested information and supporting documentation should be submitted by the candidate seeking MES Assessment and Certification to the VTP if the candidate have been trained at the registered VTPs or to the Assessment Body in case of those seeking certification of their skills directly.
  • Applications can be submitted either in person or through speed/registered post so that it arrives on or before the application submission deadline prescribed by the Assessment Body.
  • Candidates are advised to read carefully the details of MES scheme and the instructions given in the Application Form.

Assessment [Testing] Center Locations

Assessment shall normally be done at the Training Centre of concerned VTP. However, sometimes assessment shall also be carried at other designated testing centers approved by RDAT/DGE&T. Specific address information will be provided when you schedule a Testing & Certification appointment.


The Assessment shall be conducted through qualified; professional DGE&T/NABET approved Assessors from the panel of assessors of high repute and integrity.

Assessment Process/Criteria

  • The essence of the MES Assessment is Testing & Certification of Competency of the individual as per NCVT standards. The performance should meet the occupational standards and be demonstrated in real work environment.
  • The MES Assessment consists of a Theory Test and a Practical Performance Test.
  • The assessment of candidates is done by professionally trained/experienced QCI/DGE&T Authorized Assessors in relevant trades.
  • Assessment Batch size shall not be more than 20 in case of 'Refrigeration & Air Conditioning' and 'Automotive Repair' Trade and 30 in case of 'Banking & Accounting' Trade.
  • Eligible candidate will be informed by the AB about the date and venue of assessment one month before the date of assessment.
  • The assessor evaluates the students from two perspectives: Practical knowledge and Theoretical Knowledge. As per NCVT norms, the minimum passing marks is 40% in theory & 60% in practical.
  • Question papers are generally made in the local language and in modules.
  • Assessing Body will prepare test (question) papers based on the assessment criteria/competency based standards (Question Bank) approved by NCVT.
  • AB will carry out the testing as per the assessment methodology / marking instructions prescribed by DGE&T.
  • The practical exercises for the basic module are mostly related to the candidate knowledge of the basic tools - their identification and application. They are also asked to perform basic exercises related to the module.
  • Special emphasis is given on safety aspects related to the module.


  • Assessing Bodies will communicate the outcome of assessment to the RDATs within 07 days from the date of assessment.
  • Results prepared by AB would be approved and declared by RDAT normally within 10 days from the administering the assessment.
  • Approved results will be communicated to concerned VTP in the case of persons who have been trained at the registered VTPs and appeared for the assessment and to the AB in case of those appeared for Assessment directly.


  • Successful persons are awarded certificates issued by NCVT.
  • RDAT is responsible to process the results and print and sign the certificates for successful candidates and send it to the respective VTP.
  • In case of direct candidates, the Certificates would be sent to the AB.
  • In turn, respective VTP or AB as the case may be, will distribute the Certificates to the concerned candidates within 7 days thereafter.

Assessment Fee Reimbursement

  • All the successful candidates who have received training from approved VTPs are entitled to the assessment fee reimbursement.
  • In respect of persons who directly come for assessment of their skills, assessment fee is reimbursed to successful candidates belonging to disadvantaged groups (SC, ST, OBC, persons with disabilities), women and poorer sections of the society.
  • Normally, the reimbursement of assessment fee to the eligible successful candidates will be reimbursed by the AB within 15 days (along with the Certificate) from the date of receipt of such reimbursement from RDAT.

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