Water is an integral part of ecosystems functioning but finite. Its presence or absence has a bearing on the ecosystems. With renewable accessible freshwater globally limited to 12,500 km3, the managing of water is a great challenge facing humanity.

India is blessed with adequate rainfall as a whole, yet water availability, both in terms of quality and quantity, has declined to such an extent that many parts of India face a drought-like situation. Rainwater harvesting serve as an opportunity to enhance ecosystem and can provide lifeline water for survival and more.

It is efficient as a complementary and viable alternative and the most economical and feasible remedy to large-scale water withdrawals, and reduces negative impacts on ecosystems services, livelihoods, human well-being and economies.

REEDS has partnered with The Andhyodaya, a Kerala based NGO - which has a proven expertise and had won the coveted UNESCO INDIA WATER AWARD for the BEST RAIN WATER HARVESTING NGO in the Country, and so far established over 80 Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Structures in specified schools spread across 5 Districts in Andhra Pradesh.

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